Milton Glaser 1960s typography brought into the digital age. Isn’t it great when things just work? Real sparks of genius, simple. Strategically- think, about your purchasing habits, your brand loyalty? The reasons why you must visit that new grill house, that quirky coffee shop at the arcade. Stop, look around and think. Really think;  when is the last time you were engaged. Brand penetration is deep set and those major or shorter purchases you’ve been thinking of have been a result of marketing.

“The key ingredients are working with a creative partner that not only understands. But someone who values us as a company and spots trends digitally. Brand power and local awareness our our target and the duo at Yu are disruptive.”
Branding Design and why you need it
A networking meeting. An annual report. Trying to win through investor channels. Position yourself with your power. To bake a cake theory; you need the right ingredients. May not be many- but key, simple and clear is a must. The smartest campaigns are well throughout. In copy, image and ideas. Be playful, it’s not all serious. Design should be fun- armed with an aim to please and create an emotion.