GF Paper Partner for Yu Digital

When you realise the value of good design; it almost becomes immediately apparent. Good design is not cheap. Cheap design is no good. Recently I had gifted a very beautiful’ Mens wallet. Yes, it was my birthday. 34 going on 19 and this high-end retailer seemed to obviously grasp this. Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Paul Smith and others will continue to push the mark visually. The wallet although a premium price, fundamentally examples what the topic is.

Fine Paper for Brochures & Business Cards

Let me get back to this and why design, print, colour and texture is key. Orange premium box, fine texture coated panels, foil blocked (not Futura) looking exquisite! The box set was completed with a fine ribbon, stitched by logo throughout. Yes, the wallet was LV. Textures, printed boxes and this cross over into the craft, artisan retail market is obviously apparent. We dig that bit deeper into our pockets to make that purchase if we believe the product is of a higher grade. Some food and paper for thought…

Business Cards Next Day & Why not to!

Depending on the industry, you are making your mark. Your footprint and corporate identity intertwine your company values. Irregularly placed business cards that seem “ok” might cut it. I’m certain if you seek the top 3 profiles within your sector or those you inspire to be like; the story would quickly change. Good design pays off. Pixelated fonts, irregular typefaces pulled from Da Font and other sources are no good, in fact dreadful. If I see another business card with irregular fonts and spot UV that look terrible; they do generally go in the bin but I think I’ll take the Simon Cowell approach.  Again I refer back to: “Good design is not cheap. Cheap design is no good.”