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Video Animation & Creative Direction

Listed in ‘Rolling Stones’ as Top 10 Artists’ to Watch

Music Video Direction

Subjectively, it’s about conveying your brand in 1:20 seconds or creating a snapshot commercial in 15-20 seconds. Allowing rich visual language, smartly positioned voice overs if any- to stimulate, create humour and a response.  We favour the ambitious, from all sizes of organisations and breed creativity.  We are able to digest information, create uniquely positioned visuals that work in tangent to communicate easily with a strategic and value added format.

Whether you’re showcasing the latest track, or in a remote location and require a small and talented team; we’re able to deliver astonishingly high results within respected time frames. We specialise in film, grading and editing to broadcast industry standards. We’d love to hear from you and are always looking for interesting projects.


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United Kingdom
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