Interiors, Art- Direction & Branding


“We are really happy with the results. The concern for us as first time operators in this market place, was to ensure our signage and interiors reflected us as a standalone boutique and brand. The brand, copywriting and placement of all work delivered to us, has really helped us carve a niche in the industry as we continue to grow with the efforts of Yu digital and team.”- Deepak Mohan, Director, Payals

Interiors & Online Brand Strategy

The Payals showroom was opened in 2013 on Birmingham’s Soho Road. We began work from day one and it’s now the most prestigious ‘go- to’ boutique in its sector. As an ambitious start-up, we paired our vision and began working to identify how we could be different from other high street retail competitors. This is not necessarily the same for every business such as a coffee shop or pop-up barber.

In retrospect, it’s about creating a standalone,  timeless brand position. We explored elements of the business and sub branded a stitching category by identifying key up sells and patterns of repeat custom. The group have just expanded into a larger premises and set-up a purpose built factory in Delhi.


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United Kingdom
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