Pandeli 1967

Branding & Online Design


“We were looking for a visual partner who understood us and would position us as well as other brands we admired. We’re not a craft beer company, but there are some similarities. Also, the visual dialect of the designers and refining skills were obvious from our first talk. We are now at the designing and prototype stage with our business goals aligning.” – S.P, Pandeli Foods 

Artisan Food Packaging

The key element behind a start-up or a seasoned operator is the brand. In the retail market, designing for labels and packaging is a skill set that requires multiple channels. We can support you by working with our logo designers who’ve routinely delivered logos for Fortune 100 brands along with typography specialists. We devote time to research from the sourcing of labels and specialist print/foil blocking at large production level.

Whether you are a commercial operator or high-end luxury offering, your labels, website and brand should convey what you do in a snapshot. In the cut throat retail sector, shelf space is hard to find and buyers are always keen to seek something different. More so a strategy to attract social awareness through social media channels, organic Google searches and PR marketing should be invested in constantly. For ambitious start-ups, there are smarter ways to be effective and if you’re looking for an agency that is passionate and can deliver a sustainable and iconic brand that you’ve dreamt of, why not talk to us to see how we can help.


Food & Retail Packaging Design

We’re looking to build an iconic brand. A food brand that is standalone. A true North Indian food company. The story around Pandeli and Ram’s family lineage is what attracted us. The first initials drafts and logos have been instructed from top tier logo and branding expert within the Yu Digital team. He has branded and worked on several dozen logos from Gaymers, AEG, Smirnoff and other household brands.


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