Art Direction & Campaign Photography

Branding an Eyewear company

We were first approached with the products, boxed and sealed. The glasses were handmade and rivalled the ‘premium-feel’ you’d expect from a high fashion offering. It began as an exciting project and we researched and developed the brand.- A.P, Yu Digital Director

Luxury Eyewear Branding & Websites

Hidden Eyewear is a full e-commerce site, Art Directed by the Yu team. Initially a prototype at early stages, we were brought into by the ambition of the founder, keen to make a mark in the luxury eyewear sector. Having ambitious plans for a truly unique product, we believed we could market on a scalable level and gain traction to spark International interest. Through defining the brand guidelines, we created a series of in-house- high fashion images on a pressing budget; the project began taking form.

Luxury Website Design

Whilst maintaining the aesthetics, our core was to digitally manage the brand, to appeal to stockists and distributors whilst gaining traction organically. Our aim was to deliver a gateway and reach the masses and appeal globally to luxury retailers. Since inception, the model may have changed but we remained true to form as our initial sketches and brand guidelines are still respected and followed. If you have an interesting project and are looking to launch a luxury clothing brand, a luxury designer website, perhaps a high- style micro website. We’d love to hear from you and join your brand journey. Send me a quick message:  phil@yudigital.com


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