Ambiguous Sexual Themes in Imagery

Guy Bourdin, was a French artist and fashion photographer known for his provocative images. From 1955, Bourdin worked mostly with Vogue as well as other publications including Harper’s Bazaar. The iconic French born Artist- Guy Bourdin. Hailed the most iconic fashion photographer of all time. Over 40 years of his career, he truly inspired and led by his own exploration and love for images, surreal in form. We pay homage to Guy Bourdin.

“I worked with him from 1977 and 1980, and it was a very intense period where with did a lot of Charles Jourdan ads, Vogue editorials, [and a] Pentax calendar. I worked with him in what was considered the peak years of his career, where he produced a very intense body of work and iconic images within [that] body of work”. – Nicole Meyer- model who routinely worked with Bourdin in his works.
The greatest High Fashion Photographer of All time.