Websites for the Freight Industry

It was exciting to gain Fenix as a partner. A company with high net worth, looking to explore further growth. It sounds easier than it actually is. Upon meeting the Directors; the daubing task of learning what the industry standard was, the associations and the processes behind the business. We feel research and a design brief is a key and we began blocking hours to understand what the business needed, how they positioned themselves from the market leaders. Being a competent organisation with a turnover exceeding 20m per annum; we were able to consolidate our ideas and push the new website forward. Freight forwarding and its constraints of perhaps seeming somewhat boring; were easily overcome as every industry has those that position themselves far greater and make themselves a standalone brand/services provider.

Corporate Branding for Fenix Freight
“Images that work well are great. Yes hard to find, but we have an extensive background in editorial and fashion imagery. Correctly placed images with copy in true font form make all the difference. Having worked and produced dozens of great photographs; as a design and creative agency; we’re focused on working with growing enterprise to ensure we¬†continue the great work we have been able to achieve so far.” – Phil Choi, Director Yu Digital