The Importance of Photography for your Website & Marketing Material

We get asked this a lot! In-directly perhaps. It’s a strong bond that is not fluid by any means. There is no one way. Since Art college and then University, then the real world; as 80’s kids, we’ve seen a whole lot of change. From bleepers to Motorola Wings, to Nokia 8890. The objects of desire today Beats headphones and all the popular kiddies wish list. Marketers, the top tier ones; have a convincing way to continually push our buttons and keep us in a state of wanting and needing more and more.

Rolex Today & Yesterday

I really think this series of images of Rolex is very inspiring. The solid bold typeface, the clear statements. I really miss medium copy adverts.

If you’re a start-up setting up your first coffee house, images are important. Are you a service orientated business with 10 sales agents and 3 fields sales reps; Yes, an image is important!  Does it affect your bottom line; yes most certainly. Well designed thought out Print work, annual reports, exhibition stands to push out socially to the sector’s movers and shakers, corporate videos to highlight what you have to offer, PDF packs to aid your Sales and Distribution processes.


“Perhaps products more so have been sexualised. I think so actually that is a fair point. I guess all products of great desire have always had appeal, from either the lacking or wanting or deserving. Accents, key frames with correctly positioned copy keeps us in a state of desire. We see it everywhere from the reachable to the wanting list.” – A.P- Yu Digital, Design Agency Birmingham